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The Purrrfect Valentine’s Day!

With many of us out there unable to see our loved ones this Valentine’s Day, or simply just haven't found that special person just yet, do not worry! There is one purrrson you can share this special day with... your feline friend!
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Feline Fayre Subscription Boxes!

Make your life that little bit easier with Feline Fayre Subscription Boxes!
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Customer Reviews

“ Just to say our cat Millie would eat nothing but crab paste when she was a kitten. The first cattery she went to put her on Feline Fayre Tuna and Salmon pouches and she loved it! She will eat nothing else now and is a very healthy, lively 12 year old ginger tabby. Thanks so much for your tasty and reasonably priced cat foods. “

- Tony


“ Our cat, Hector, who has the appetite of a horse and is extremely fussy absolutely loves Feline Fayre, he tells us it is his favourite apparently and he makes a real song and dance when we even consider giving him another brand. 

- Lisa