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 Your Cat’s Nutritional Requirements

The key to a healthy happy cat is the right balance of nutrients. Cats need amino acids from protein, fatty acids and carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water.


Amino Acids and Protein

Cats are carnivorous animals and should derive most of their protein and amino acids from meat, fish and other animal products. Animal-based protein is much easier for cats to digest than plant-based protein which is why cats should never have a vegetarian diet.

If a cat does not get enough amino acids, they can suffer from a variety of health issues. A deficiency in the amino acid Arginine, for example, can lead to a toxic build-up of ammonia in your cat’s bloodstream. Not getting enough Taurine can cause blindness, deafness and heart failure. Fish is particularly high in Taurine.

Feline Fayre products are high in protein and meat content at a lower price than many competitors. If you check the back of a Feline Fayre food pouch it will tell you exactly how much taurine is in each pack.


Fats and Fatty Acids

Did you know fats contain twice as much energy as carbohydrate and protein? Cats are incredibly good as digesting fat and they can handle a reasonably high-fat diet.

Fatty acids are essential to keep your cat's skin and coat healthy. Without essential fatty acids, your cat could suffer from vision problems.



Cats need certain vitamins to survive. Without vitamin A, for example, your cat may suffer from vision problems. The only way a cat can get vitamin A is directly from the food it eats.

All Feline Fayre products contain vitamins essential to your cat’s health. If you check the back of you Feline Fayre pack, it will tell you exactly what vitamins are in each product.



There are twelve minerals that are known to be essential for healthy cats. To keep bones and teeth strong, cats need phosphorous and calcium. Magnesium, Sodium, and potassium help nerve impulse transmission. Then other minerals such as copper which are only present in your cat's body in minute amounts help a wide variety of health issues.

On all packaging, you will notice that one of the ingredients is listed as ash. Ash is simple a composition of these minerals that your cat needs to be healthy.



Your cat needs water to live a healthy life. You should always ensure that there is an adequate supply of fresh water available to your cat at all times.


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Customer Reviews

“ Just to say our cat Millie would eat nothing but crab paste when she was a kitten. The first cattery she went to put her on Feline Fayre Tuna and Salmon pouches and she loved it! She will eat nothing else now and is a very healthy, lively 12 year old ginger tabby. Thanks so much for your tasty and reasonably priced cat foods. “

- Tony


“ Our cat, Hector, who has the appetite of a horse and is extremely fussy absolutely loves Feline Fayre, he tells us it is his favourite apparently and he makes a real song and dance when we even consider giving him another brand. 

- Lisa