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Tuna & Salmon in Jelly 20 x 85g Pouches

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Product Description

Feline Fayre Complimentary Meals are a delicious source of protein to be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. Containing 60% meat or fish, our complimentary selection is the perfect solution for hungry cats.

Cats love our Tuna & Salmon in Jelly Complimentary Meals!

20x85g Pouches


  • Fish 60% (Tuna 57%, Salmon 3%)
  • Water
  • Various Sugars
  • Soy Bean Oil
    Tuna & Salmon in Jelly 20 x 85g Pouches

    Customer Reviews

    “ Just to say our cat Millie would eat nothing but crab paste when she was a kitten. The first cattery she went to put her on Feline Fayre Tuna and Salmon pouches and she loved it! She will eat nothing else now and is a very healthy, lively 12 year old ginger tabby. Thanks so much for your tasty and reasonably priced cat foods. “

    - Tony


    “ Our cat, Hector, who has the appetite of a horse and is extremely fussy absolutely loves Feline Fayre, he tells us it is his favourite apparently and he makes a real song and dance when we even consider giving him another brand. 

    - Lisa