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Why is my cat so fat?

Us cat lovers live in a culture where we love spoiling our pampered pets. And, why shouldn’t we? A treat here, some of last night’s salmon there and the next thing you know, your little feline friend has evolved into some kind of fluffy cushion you wouldn’t mind resting your head on at night.



FACT: Obese cats now outweigh the population of those at a healthy weight! (Source: PETMD)

Shocking that isn’t it?

Although we are much larger than our household pet, we must remember that we are both mammals, meaning the same principles of weight gain and weight loss apply. If they eat more calories than they exert, they are going to put on weight.

When we go shopping for ourselves it isn’t uncommon for us to check a products nutritional value on the back of a packet, well did you know we can, and should, do this for our cats too? This is just as important for cats as it is for us so it’s important to be clued up on what your cat can eat.

Firstly, decide whether your cat is an outdoor explorer or a couch kitty. The less active your cat, the less calories it needs. See, sound familiar?

The average indoor cat needs 20 calories per pound it weighs, whilst an outdoor cat needs 35 calories per pound. So, a 12-pound outdoor cat would need 420 calories in a day (Source: All Feline Hospital).

But do not panic if this totally muddles your brain. Us here at Feline Fayre have created our Cat Food Calculator to make this process quick and simple to get your prized puss back in shape in no time.

Click the link below to try it:

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All Feline Hospital

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