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Why does my cat headbutt me?

Cat owners love giving unrivalled attention to their feline companions. Whether it’s stroking your cat whilst they relax on your lap, or dishing out their favourite treats, we will do anything to keep our cats happy.  

Whilst it’s obvious to see we love our cats; how do we know that the feeling is mutual?

Do you ever call your cats name only for them to continue staring in the opposite direction? This isn’t uncommon… In fact, it’s seen as a sign of affection.

If your cat has their back to you, this means they trust you and feel safe in your company. The same principle applies when a cat shuts their eyes. If your cat is stood up, facing you with their eyes closed, they are saying they love you.

As all pet owners know, cats love rubbing themselves up against doorways, sharp corners and even your legs. But why do they do this?

Wild cats will often face rub other cats that they know and love. Often, with wild cats, letting others know they’ve been accepted into the pride. This is simply how they mark their territory.

So, when your cat brushes against your leg, or offers a friendly headbutt, be sure to know they’re letting you know you’re doing a great job looking after them!


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