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The Purrrfect Valentine’s Day!

With many of us out there unable to see our loved ones this Valentine’s Day, or simply just haven't found that special person just yet, do not worry! There is one purrrson you can share this special day with... your feline friend!

Likelihood is they know you better than anyone else on the planet. They see you at your worst and at your best and still, every single day, meet you at the cat food bowl with nothing but love in their hearts. Oh, and the hope you’ll be serving them some delicious Feline Fayre!

So why not show some of this unrivaled love back on February 14th?

Here are our tips for the Purrrfect Valentine’s Day with your special four-legged friend!


Step 1 - Dress to impress!

Now, this does not necessarily mean putting on your best dress or favourite shirt. You have to get into the mind of your cat. What would he or she like you to wear?

For instance, if your cat happens to be black and white, why not wear a full tuxedo with a fresh white shirt? Or if your special someone is a ginger Tom, wear your best red jumper. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!


Step 2 - Plan a day they won’t forget!

Now, I know we're limited on this one but luckily for us locked in humans, the majority of our cats extracurricular activities occur within the boundaries of our homes.

If you're unsure what you cat enjoys doing in their spare time, here are a few suggestions:

- Staring out the window

- Sleeping on top of, and suffocating, their human

- Scratching the carpet on the bottom step

All of which are sure to create the most memorable day for the both of you.

Remember, a cat and owner that scratch together, match forever.


Step 3 - Make them a meal they will love!

They say the way to your loved ones heart is through their stomach, and this rule applies no less when it comes to your cat.

It’s very important you treat your cat with their favourite food. That’s where we come in. Feline Fayre provide probably the greatest Valentine’s Day food for cats on the planet. Forget spending hours over a hot stove. Leave the hard work to us.

With Feline Fayre…

Why not treat you cat to a delicious Surf & Turf with our Tuna & Chicken in Jelly?

Or transport your fury friend back in time with our modern take on the vintage classic, salmon terrine, with our Salmon Mousse Complete Meal.

There are so many options available on the Feline Fayre Menu, you’ll be sure to find something your cat will love.


So, there you go! You’re all set for the perfect day. All of us at Feline Fayre sincerely hope you have a great day with the one you love most… whether they have two legs or four.

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