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The new way to stay fit… with a little help from your cat?

Are you fed up of fad diets? Doing endless hours in the gym only to put all that weight back on when ‘cheat day’ rocks up? Well, worry no more as the wonderful minds of 2017 have come up with a new trend which will not only benefit yourself. Oh no. It will also do wonders for your pet cat too. Welcome to the wonderfully bizarre world of Cat Yoga.


yoga cat


Bursting onto the scenes in 2015, this cat-astrophic craze has taken the US by storm. Well, it wasn’t going to be anywhere else was it. Often participated by 15 or so individuals per session, these spandex covered entities, quite willingly, share their yoga mats with a number of furry felines.

One of these wonderful masterminds said, “I really like the class and really like hanging out with all the cats.” Now this is a statement I believe is perfectly acceptable. On the one hand, yoga classes can be fantastic. Cleansing the mind and body can only be a good thing, right? And hanging out with cats, a great pastime. I love my cat to pieces. But whoever thought of combining the two, let’s just say, might not be totally ok ‘up there’. There a multitude of issues with this beloved activity.

Granted, if you have a cat allergy you probably wouldn’t attend this class but Yoga is meant to relax the mind. I don’t see how constantly being attacked by your pet cat, who’d rather be at home watching the washing machine go around, could possibly allow you to take a breather.

Finally, what actual benefit does this give to your cat? Class leaders claim it allows time for owners to bond with their cats but as far as I see it, the slightest glimpse of a bird through a slightly open window, and that cat is long gone.


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