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Mythbusters: Feline Edition

MYTH 1: Black cats bring bad luck

Although many cat lovers will read this and believe black cats are just like any other cats, many countries around the world hold very specific beliefs about black cats.

In China, people believe crossing paths with a black cat will bring you poverty. In Italy, it is thought if a black cat jumps onto a bed next to a sick person, that person will die. Pretty major accusations towards a cat based on the colour of its fur!

However, not every nation believes black cats bring bad luck. Some believe they provide good to their lives.

In Scotland, some believe if a black cat appears on your doorstep, you will come into some money. Whilst in Japan, black cats are generally seen as good luck charms.


The honest truth is we don’t know. Although there’s no scientific evidence of this, that doesn’t stop people associating their fortune or misfortune with the presence of a mysterious black cat.


MYTH 2: Cats can see in the dark

We all hear our cats running around in the middle of the night - so, logic says they must be able to see right? Or surely, we’d hear more bangs and crashes than the pitter patter of tiny paw-steps.


Against popular belief, cats are unable to see in total darkness, any more than humans can. But they are much better adapted than us to seeing in low levels of light. Their eyes let in far more light than ours.

The coloured part of the cats eyes open far wider which allows more light to enter. The retinas in the back of cats eyes are responsible for magnifying light.

Like many animals, cats also have a highly developed reflective area in the back of their eyes which makes them glow at night when caught in our headlights.


MYTH 3: Cats always land on their feet

More often than not cats will land on their feet. But please, please, please don’t take this as an opportunity to put on a lab coat and test this for yourself! This isn’t Brainiac … it’s real life!


Every year, vets treat animals that have fallen from great heights – with the majority of these falling from windows several stories high.

We recommend, if you live in a flat, you install a wire mesh if your windows are left open during the summer months just to be safe. For more information on keeping your cats safe this summer, click here.

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