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Halloween Cat Safety

Halloween is a great time for families and friends to dress-up, carve pumpkins, and of course, go trick or treating!

Although this is a day of fun, it can be a day of horror for our treasured cats.

Unrecognisable owners, never ending knocks at the door, and unfamiliar decorations can all be stressful for our cats. That’s why it’s vital we all do what we can to keep our cats safe this Halloween.

Here are a few tips to help make Halloween night less of a fright for our feline friends.

  1. Create a safe space

cat sleeping in bed with fairy lights

Halloween night can be a stressful time for cats. With multiple knocks at the door and rings of the doorbell, followed by loud, new voices as children excitedly collect their sweets.

All this change in a short space of time can be very distressing for all animals.

To help keep them happy and safe, dedicate a room away from the front door as their 'Safe Space'.

Your cat will most likely look to hide somewhere they feel safe. So, why not create a safe haven for them yourself?

Place their food (Feline Fayre of course), bed and favourite toys in the room so they feel comfortable and can settle down without becoming stressed by the Halloween shenanigans going on without them.

  1. No naked flames

cat playing with a pumpkin

One of the most popular traditions associated with Halloween is, of course… pumpkin carving!

Although fun for all the family, as we compete to carve the best scary face which just end up being a series of random shapes, they can be a danger to our beloved pet cats.

Most of us will decide to light up our pumpkin with a tealight to make them extra spooky, however, naked flames can not only be a danger to our cats, but also our children.

To help keep the little ones in your life safe, why not replace your tealight with an LED or battery powered alternative. Not only are these safer, but you can also get colour changing ones which will really impress the neighbours!

  1. Trick or Treats?

halloween cakes with plastic spiders

With lots of sweets and chocolate doing the rounds on Halloween, it’s important they are kept out of reach from our tenacious felines as they can be very harmful to our pets and pose a choking hazard.

To avoid any unwanted mishaps, keep all sweets and chocolate in a secure container and, if possible, store high-up on a shelf. Not only will this keep your cat safe, but it will also stop you picking at all your favourite sweets – leaving some left for the kids who knock at the door!

  1. Keep decorations out of reach

 cat sitting with ghost candle and halloween sweets

Spooky decorations can really help set the tone at Halloween.

Fake spider webs, ghostly bunting, and even full-size human skeletons, all contribute to that creepy atmosphere one can only desire on Halloween night.

Although fun for our two-legged friends, they can become a hazard when we introduce them to those with four.

Decorations such as bunting and ornaments may prove too interesting to ignore for our beloved cats, leading to accidental damages and potential injury.

Other decorations such as sequins should also be avoided, as if inhaled, they can cause serious damage to our beloved pets.

The best thing to do is to keep decorations out of reach from our feline friends – keeping your cats safe, allowing you to relax and enjoy Halloween in the knowledge you have done your bit to keep them happy and safe.

Halloween is a fun and exciting time for all the family. Dressing up and eating sweets - what’s not to like? But whilst you're having a great time, make sure you follow these tips to ensure it’s only you who’s having the fright night, and not your cat.

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