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Cats Vs. Humans: The ultimate athletes.

It’s a summer of sport and all eyes will be on the physical achievements of human competitors. But don’t underestimate our feline companions! If cats were allowed to compete in our human sports, they would take the top position on the podium for many events.


1. High Jump

Niya-Suke, a Tabby cat from Japan holds the unofficial world record for the highest feline leap at a head spinning 192cm – that’s a whopping 7.6 times the height of the average cat! In comparison the world record holder, Javier Sotomayor jumped a measly 1.23 times his height, reaching 245cm. I’d take my chances betting on a cat winning the high jump!


2. 100m Dash

All eyes were on Usain Bolt this summer. Would he beat his record breaking 9.58 second sprint? Usain Bolt has been clocked running almost 28 miles per hour, which is an impressive feat for a human being. He has nothing on domestic cats, though, who have been recorded running speeds of 30 miles per hour! Take into account our bigger feline friends like the Cheetah, which can break speeds of up to 75 miles an hour, and Usain Bolt has his work cut out to keep up!


3. Long Jump

We have already seen how high a cat can jump, but just how far can they bound? In 1991 Mike Powell leaped 8.95m, ensuring his place in the record books for over 25 years. This impressive distance was 4.7 times his height but was not impressive enough to compete with a cat. Domestic cats have been known to jump up to 8 times their length, covering distances of 2.4m. For Mike Powell to win, he’d have to jump over 15m!


4. Weight Lifting

Okay, so domestic cats can’t really compete with humans here… but their bigger cousins can. Tigers have been observed in the wild carrying carcasses twice their weight up trees and over rocks. Considering tigers can reach weights of up to 300kg, lifting twice this is nothing to shrug off. While humans have displayed commendable strength in bench press and deadlift, these aren’t official summer sports. In 2012, Gold medallist in the +75kg category Zhou Lulu lifted 187kg in the clean and jerk. Weighing 130kg, this was a lift 1.4 times her weight. Cats win again!

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