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Cats in Winter

Temperatures are dropping and snow is starting to fall. It’s that time of year again when we have to wrap up warm to brave the outdoors. But remember, our cats can feel the cold too, so make sure to read the following advice on being a cat in winter.

 cats in winter

Have a warm place to snuggle. One of the greatest risks to cats is the bitter cold of winter. Just like humans, cats like shelter and blankets. Make sure your cat has a cozy box or bed to snuggle up in.

Keep drinking water from freezing. Most plastic water containers are better insulated than tin ceramic ones and tend to freeze over less. You can also find solar heated water bowls that would help prevent freezing. Don’t place water bowls inside a cat’s shelter as it can be easily spilled making the shelter less comfortable.

Take extra care when starting your car. Cats tend to be drawn towards warm places in the winter. Underneath the engine of your car can provide good warmth, so check before you start your engine.

Take care with Antifreeze. When water bowls freeze over, cats will look for water elsewhere, such as drains and puddles. Antifreeze, which is Ethylene Glycol based, is highly toxic to cats. It is sweet tasting and so attractive to cats. Your cat will lose balance, vomit and become lethargic if poisoned by antifreeze. An immediate veterinary action is required if you notice any of these symptoms.

Have an indoor litter tray. Cat’s may start to “hold it in” if it is too cold to go outside.  Having a litter tray indoors could prevent some trips to the vet as urine retention increases the risk of urinary tract infections.


    Hopefully, it won’t be too cold where you are this winter and you and your cats have a happy, warm season.

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