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Black Cats: Unlucky no more!



For so many years the black cat has been a symbol of all things spooky and superstitious. But no more! The humble black cat has had a bad reputation for far too long.

The origins of the superstition surrounding the black cat are various. Many believe that the evil connotations of a black cat are due to the belief in medieval Europe and America that black cats were servants to witches. The nocturnal nature of cats didn’t help much and even led to witches being burned along with their feline companions! Poor kitties!

Luckily, black cats survived the superstition and have become one of our most trusted companions. Even though the black cat continues to be an icon of Halloween to this day, there are many superstitions that attribute luck to our black-furred friend.


In many parts of Europe, it is considered lucky to take in and care for a black cat, bringing the carer good fortune and wealth.  

Old Scottish folklore says that if a black cat turns up at your doorstep, you are about to experience great prosperity.

Despite these lucky superstitions, the charity, Cats Protection has dedicated the 27th October as National Black Cat Day to encourage more people to adopt and rehome unwanted black cats. Both the Cats Protection and the RSPCA report that rehoming black cats is more difficult, with an estimated 70% of abandoned cats in the care of the RSPCA having black fur.

Regardless of superstition, black cats are still loving creatures and we think they have had a bad reputation for too long! It’s time to love all cats equally.

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